Kruthwong & Sprenger: A continuing success Story in Southeast Asia

In 1995, after finishing his graduate studies at MIT, Peter Sprenger came to Bangkok, Thailand to build up a regional business hub for the analytical instrument manufacturer Bruker ( The Bruker portfolio covers a wide range of scientific instruments. 

The main target audience are universities and government institutes. From Singapore to Vietnam, Malaysia to Thailand customers responded well to Bruker's initiative and  the business expanded rapidly. From a few hundred thousand US dollars in 1995 to more than 20 Mio US dollars in 2014. In this period Peter and his team opened Bruker offices in Singapore (1998), Kuala Lumpur (2001), Jakarta (2008) and Ho Chi Minh City (2012).

Dr. Werner Maas, President of Bruker Biospin (left) 
with Peter Sprenger opening the Bruker representative
office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Currently, Bruker in Southeast Asia has a staff of more than fifty people and serves hundreds of customer accounts throughout the region. All major universities, factories and government institutions are Bruker clients.
After the successful buildup of Bruker in Southeast Asia, Peter Sprenger decided to start his own business.
Kruthwong & Sprenger came to life in November 2014.

Kruthwong & Sprenger introduces and builds high tech businesses in Southeast Asia. With our extensive network in universities and industry, we provide entry points for projects and entire businesses. Over the last 20 years we have managed hundreds of accounts and introduced technologies all over Southeast Asia. 

Prof. Dr. Kurt Wüthrich, Nobel Prize Winner Chemistry 2002 (right)
with wife Marianne and Peter Sprenger
at the 7th AOHUPO conference 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand

If your High-Tech business in Southeast Asia needs improvement, needs introduction to decision makers in industry, government and academia, please contact us here.