Installation of High Resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Instrument

Singapore August 12, 2016

Today, at the analytical instrumentation laboratory at level 3, room 4, a new Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectrometer has been commissioned. NMR is the most powerful analytical method to solve and determine structures of organic molecules. The students of Yale-NUS have now the opportunity to experience NMR with their own hands. For example the molecular structure of ethyl crotonate, a simple organic molecule, will produce a NMR spectrum as shown in Figure 1. 

Figure 1. Ethyl Crotonate NMR 1H Spectrum

The measurement at the NMR instrument is an important part of the learning process and will motivate students do their own projects and chemistry. Even advanced NMR methods are possible. For example, HMBC 1H-13C correlation experiments as shown in Figure 2., have been run by students. The data can be transferred to note book computers, analyzed and incorporated into reports and publications. Besides the laboratory projects the system will be utilized to teach NMR principles and concepts. For example the Bloch equations are experienced by varying the NMR pulse angles and the students can immediately verify their calculated values. Learning by doing and applying. 
Dr. Stanislav Presolski, Assistant Professor in Science, commented on the new NMR spectrometer: "We are very excited to have such a versatile NMR instrument in our analytical lab! The system will play an integral part of some of our Common Curriculum classes, where students from all disciplines will get first-hand experience of data collection and analysis. And those majoring in science will later use it in their independent research projects." Yale-NUS has selected the Magritek Spinsolve NMR system because of its superior resolution and stability. The possibility to move the system and use it for chemical reaction monitoring was another reason to purchase this bench-top type NMR system.
Figure 2. Ethyl Crotonate 1H-13C HMBC 2D Spectrum
The installation/commissioning process was done in two days by Kruthwong & Sprenger Pte. Ltd., the distributor of Magritek.
Dr. Presolski added: "We will be closely working with Kruthwong & Sprenger to conduct NMR workshops and seminars in the future. It is important for our students to have direct exposure to the technical innovation and advances in the field of NMR"

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